Your health and the health of our staff is a top priority during the Covid-19 pandemic. Classes that can safely take place with social distancing are being offered with limited enrollment. Students need to bring a mask and hand sanitizer to class. You may contact us at 319-288-0047 with any questions before registering for a class.

Class Instructors

Teaching Artists

Bennett, Chris

Chris Bennett's works are primarily human figures and animal wildlife, classically rendered.  Since his works emphasize the importance of relationships, he carefully observes [More...]

Blair, Tim

Born and raised on a farm in the Villages of Van Buren, I, like many of my friends, went away for education.  I returned to work in my community, always feeling a connection with [More...]

Crawford, Pat

Pat Crawford, a native of Eastern Iowa, focuses her talents on illustrating, painting, printing, color pencil, handcrafted yarns and natural dyes, although she also works in many o [More...]

Dimmitt, Sandi

Sandi Dimmitt lives with her husband and three cats on a tree farm in rural Fairfield. She has been crafting all her life, but started card-making about 10 years ago. She also love [More...]

Heisdorffer, Mark

Mark Heisdorffer has been working in the metal fabrication trades all of his adult life. He began Blacksmithing in 1997 when he began an apprenticeship at the forge at Iron & Lace [More...]

Holmes, Stuart

Stuart joined the Villages Folk School in late 2017 while operating his Leather Crafting shop in Salem, Iowa. Stuart has since moved to Van Buren County. Holmes Leathering Crafting [More...]

Kirby, Jessica

Jessica Kirby is an award winning artist originally from Burlington, Iowa now living in Fort Madison. A graduate from Western Illinois University with a Bachelor's degree in ar [More...]

Nelson, Heather

Heather and her family own and operate Sweet Home Ranch. Heather is daily tending to livestock, growing organics, and keeping everyone fed. Making Goat Milk Soap is one of Heather& [More...]

Overstreet, Pam

Pam loves sharing what she knows. Be ready to kick back, laugh, and have fun as you discover all the unique and wonderfully smelly options of container candlemaking! [More...]

Preston, John

One of the Midwest’s premier landscape artists, John Preston continues to find new and appealing scenes in Iowa’s countryside.  Originally from the east coast, he came to the [More...]

Printy, Betty

Potter and Weaver for over 30 years, Betty Printy started her career in pottery in 1971, having developed an interest in High School and pottery workshops at Iowa Wesleyan College. [More...]

Printy, Bill

Bill Printy has worked in the metal trades for most of his adult life. He began Blacksmithing as a hobby in the early 1970’s and established a part time business of blacksmithing [More...]

Ramsey, Verne

Verne Ramsey is a Van Buren County native.  He lives in the village of Keosauqua.   Verne worked as a production supervisor at John Deere employee and took up beekeeping when [More...]

Sederburg, Mary

Mary Sederburg, a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) for adolescents and young adults, has been an art teacher for seventeen years in Van Buren Community Schools.  She has a [More...]

Showman, Teri

Hello, My name is Teri Showman. I was born and raised in Bentonsport, and I currently am raising my children here. I am a single mom of two wonderful kids, Brooke 21 and Dillon 16. [More...]

Stockwell, Melinda

Melinda (Mel) grew up on a Century Farm in SE Iowa and graduated from Coe College with a BA in Arts in 1992. In 2011, with over 17 years of experience as Art Director and Director [More...]

Zumdome, Barbara

Brb is owner of Lamb Lane Farms near Ft. Madison, Iowa. [More...]

Visting Artists

Donhauser, Dolly

Dolly Donhauser has taught knitting for over eight years at the At Home store in Fairfield, Iowa. An avid knitter since childhood, she is a passionate fiber artist specializing in [More...]

Hutchinson, Sharon

Sharon teaches rug braiding using wool fabric. Her husband Ron is aalso a spinner and a weaver. They hail from Macon Missouri. A full artist bio for Sharon will be available soon [More...]

Lammert, Gin

Statement….. Creating visually is so much more than the motor skill of transferring what my eyes see or what my imagination wants to manifest. I look for what may not be obvio [More...]

Lewis, Farley

Farley earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Missouri State University in 1985. Shortly after graduating he started and ran a sign shop and graphic design studio, which included illu [More...]

Meagher, Spencer

Artist Statement "Deep within my spirit lies a need to express myself that can only be realized through my art. My paintings are an enhanced glimpse into how I view the world ar [More...]

Morford, Rene

Rene has a passion for book binding which she shares with our students here at Villages Folk School. She passes along what she has learned to others so that they can enjoy binding [More...]