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Mark  Heisdorffer

Mark Heisdorffer

Mark Heisdorffer has been working in the metal fabrication trades all of his adult life. He began Blacksmithing in 1997 when he began an apprenticeship at the forge at Iron & Lace under the direction of Blacksmith, Bill Printy. Mark has attended yearly workshops studying intermediate and advanced techniques in Blacksmithing at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina as well as numerous other workshops throughout the Midwest. He is also a graduate of the Gunsmithing School at Southeast Community College at Burlington. He is a member of the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America, Blacksmiths Association of Missouri and the Illinois Valley Blacksmiths Association. He has demonstrated Blacksmithing for various groups throughout the Midwest. He continues his work at the forge at Iron & Lace producing ironwork for the gallery and assisting Bill Printy in teaching students at the Forge & Anvil Academy and theBlacksmithing, Tong Making, Tool Making and Forge Weldingclasses in the workshop behind the Iron & Lace store in Bentonsport.

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