Your health and the health of our staff is a top priority during the Covid-19 pandemic. Classes that can safely take place with social distancing are being offered with limited enrollment. Students need to bring a mask and hand sanitizer to class. You may contact us at 319-288-0047 with any questions before registering for a class.

Class Calendar

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February 2023
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
February 4thLetterpress ValentinesMelinda Stockwell
February 4thGlass Sculptured Heart PaperweightTim Blair
February 10th
February 11th
Pottery: Beginning (Multi-Day)Betty Printy
February 11thLet's Crochet SomethingPat Crawford
February 11thLeather Crafting for BeginnersStuart Holmes
March 2023
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
March 4th
March 5th
Pottery I: Wheel Thrown (Multi-Day)Betty Printy
April 2023
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
April 1st
April 2nd
Rug Weaving Workshop (Multi-Day)Teri Showman
April 1st
April 2nd
Pottery II: Wheel Thrown (Multi-Day)Betty Printy
April 15thRug Weaving ClassTeri Showman
April 22ndLeather Crafting for BeginnersStuart Holmes
April 29th
April 30th
Blacksmithing: Beginning (Multi-Day)Bill Printy
Mark Heisdorffer
April 29thSoap MakingHeather Nelson
May 2023
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
May 6thWild Edibles for Lunch!Pat Crawford
May 6thRaku Pottery ExperienceBetty Printy
May 6thGlass Blown Cup MakingTim Blair
May 13th
May 27th
May 20th
May 21st
Plein Air Painting with Oils (Multi-Day)Gin Lammert
June 2023
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
June 3rdBlacksmithing: Tong MakingBill Printy
Mark Heisdorffer
June 3rdBasket WeavingJeanne Dudley
June 3rd
June 4th
Rug Weaving Workshop (Multi-Day)Teri Showman
June 10thRug Weaving ClassTeri Showman
June 10th
June 11th
Outdoor Clay Oven Building (Multi-Day)Tim Blair
June 17thBlacksmithing: Tool MakingBill Printy
Mark Heisdorffer
June 17thDry Point Prints
June 17thSpinning Threads - Yarn MakingPat Crawford
June 17thNature's SketchbookJessica Kirby
June 18thRural Sketchers: Outdoor Painting WorkshopJessica Kirby
July 2023
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
July 19th"Paint The Fair" Workshop - Larry Siwek
August 2023
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
August 5th
August 6th
Rug Weaving Workshop (Multi-Day)Teri Showman
August 5thGlass Blowing BasicsTim Blair
August 12thJ40 Botanical PrintsPat Crawford
August 12thRug Weaving ClassTeri Showman
August 12thLeather Crafting for BeginnersStuart Holmes
August 12th
August 13th
Plein Air Pastels (Multi-Day)Gin Lammert
September 2023
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
September 9th
September 10th
Rug Weaving Workshop (Multi-Day)Teri Showman
September 9thFall Preservation & ForagingPat Crawford
September 9thBasket WeavingJeanne Dudley
September 9thRaku Pottery ExperienceBetty Printy
September 16thRug Weaving ClassTeri Showman
September 23rd
September 24th
Blacksmithing: Beginning (Multi-Day)Bill Printy
Mark Heisdorffer
October 2023
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
October 21stNature's SketchbookJessica Kirby
October 22ndRural Sketchers: Outdoor Painting WorkshopJessica Kirby
November 2023
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
November 11thRug Weaving ClassTeri Showman
November 11thSoap MakingHeather Nelson
November 18thGlass Blown Ornament MakingTim Blair
November 28thLeather Christmas OrnamentStuart Holmes
December 2023
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
December 8thLeather Christmas OrnamentStuart Holmes
December 9thRug Weaving ClassTeri Showman
December 9thCrochet Some MemoriesPat Crawford
December 9thLetterpress: Holiday Coasters & TagsMelinda Stockwell