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Rural Sketchers: Outdoor Painting Workshop

Instructor: Jessica Kirby

Class Fee:$75.00

This one day workshop gives instruction on how to efficiently render subject matter in order to use sketches as a tool or simply for journaling. Students will learn composition and hot to simplify shapes in order to make drawing/painting less intimidating. Sketching Outdoors will provide a variety of subject matters to practice working in natural light. 

Lunch break from noon to 1:00. Pack a sack or order from a local restaurant. 

Class Size: 3 min/10max

Materials: Open to all mediums.

Bring a sketchbook and preferred sketching materials such as fountain pen, pencils, brush pens, watercolor or graphic markers. Jessica will demonstrate in pen and ink. 

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  • Sunday, Oct. 23rd, 2022 from 9:00am until 4:00pm
    Location: Rose Garden Along Des Moines River - 29000 Hawk Drive • Bentonsport, IA 52565 [Map]
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