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Class List > Fine Arts > "Paint The Fair" Workshop - M. Shawn Cornell

"Paint The Fair" Workshop - M. Shawn Cornell

Instructor: M. Shawn Cornell

Class Fee:$50.00

The Fine Art of Talking to Yourself, and Elevating the Imagination with M. Shawn Cornell

This one day plein air workshop will touch on many thoughts but we’ll primarily be focusing on:

• The fine art of talking to yourself, and constantly asking yourself questions: What do I want my painting to show? What is the purpose of this painting? What is it that I see? …and so on, and so on.

• Increasing the strength of your work through the concept of “Elevating the Imagination.” You can be an unconscious servant to your scene or be in conscious service to your artwork.


During the day we’ll talk a little, I’ll demo a little, and you’ll be painting and sketching a lot. I know this is a loose schedule but being flexible has its benefits.

What You’ll Need to Bring: 

(the brushes and paints listed are only a suggestion, if you feel more comfortable with your particular choices of brushes and paints - then by all means, please use them.)

Easel: Any light-weight portable easel will do. 

Brushes: I like flats - sizes no. 2, 6 and 10.

Paints: Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue, Scarlet Lake, Cadmium Yellow (Daler Rowney Georgian) and Transparent Red Oxide. These are the colors I currently use on my limited palette.

Palette: Wood, glass or plastic are fine but please: no paper palettes (these will blow around).

Painting panels: Any type will do, and bring at least 6 panels. I strongly suggest nothing larger than 6x8s or 8x10s.

Other: Small sketch pad and pencil (important); your preferred thinner, paper towels (suggest Viva, Bounty or Brawny), metal palette knife, and trash bags (plastic grocery bags).

P.S. At the end of the workshop, any of my demos that survive will be up for draw. 


"Any technique can be learned, but original ideas are what carry true artistic value. It’s about the poetic talent of the human mind."