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Blacksmithing: Forge Welding

Instructors: Bill Printy and Mark Heisdorffer

Class Fee:$115.00

This is a one day workshop devoted to learning the basics of forge welding. We will cover the building of a proper forge fire, scarfing or joint preparation, hammer techniques for welding, as well as all aspects of beginning forge welding. We will cover lap welds, "T" welds, "L" welds and corner welding. This workshop is intended for students who have some forging experience and good hammer control, but is also not beyond the grasp of the beginner. This will be an intense workshop with welding all day. If you can work it in, you may find time to complete one simple project, but it is intended to get you welding. Come prepared to go home knowing how to weld several joints.

Please bring safety glasses, light leather gloves, and hearing protection.

Note: The blacksmith shop will be "Open Shop" on Sunday for those who want to stay over and practice techniques learned on Saturday, but no 'formal instruction' will be offered.