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Gin  Lammert

Gin Lammert

Creating visually is so much more than the motor skill of transferring what my eyes see or what my imagination wants to manifest. I look for what may not be obvious at first glance in shadowed areas. I engage all my senses to create a work of fine art that hopefully draws the viewer to want to touch the objects in a still life, stroke the face in a portrait, or walk in a landscape painting.
Gin Lammert is better known for creating studio work, specializing in portraiture since 1974. She works from direct observation (life drawings/paintings) and uses photographs when necessary to complete a project or commission. Her style of painting can be described as
representational with a painterly/impressionistic flare. This encompasses using drawing skills to form a strong foundation, then adding color by placing strokes of pastel or paint next to each other to create the illusion of form. Recently, she has fallen in love with plein air painting. Plein means “Fresh – painting outdoors”. The plein air movement has been around for centuries and became popular by the French Impressionists of the 19 th Century. Gin’s formal art education is laced with study of “how to” books, attending one day to three
day workshops instructed by artists Daniel Greene, Lorenzo Chavez, John Preston, and Patrick Saunders, and reading biographies from established artists of the past. John Singer Sargent, John William Waterhouse, Andrew Wyeth, and illustrator/artist Norman Rockwell are a few that have influenced her style of creating.
Mrs. Lammert has work in both private and corporate art collections that reside through out the United States, Europe, and Japan. Gin shares her accumulated knowledge by giving demonstrations, workshops, and weekly art instruction from her home studio. She also acts as a mentor to others seeking to express themselves as a visual artist. “I feel blessed and honored by others when asked to share my vision….my way of “problem solving” as an artist. I take care to encourage others of all ages to express themselves in a visual manner.”

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