Class Calendar

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August 2018
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
August 25thSculpting Basics: WildlifeChris Bennett
September 2018
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
September 1stRug Weaving ClassTeri Showman
September 1stRaku PotteryBetty Printy
September 15thRug Weaving WorkshopTeri Showman
September 15thFall Harvest: Wild EdiblesPat Crawford
September 15thSculpture Portrait in Three DimensionChris Bennett
September 15thGlass Blowing BasicsTim Blair
September 15thTwo-Color Brioche TechniqueDolly Donhauser
September 22ndSculpting BasicsChris Bennett
September 22ndBook Binding: Journals & MoreRenee Robison
September 29thBlacksmithing: Beginning Bill Printy
Mark Heisdorffer
October 2018
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
October 20thMarbling PaperMelinda Stockwell
October 20thWood Carving: BeginnersPaul Simpson
October 21stLetterpress: BeginnersMelinda Stockwell
October 27thRug Weaving WorkshopTeri Showman
November 2018
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
November 5thLeather Christmas OrnamentStuart Holmes
November 10thGoat Milk Soap MakingHeather Nelson
November 10thStained Glass OrnamentsJolene Tedrow
November 10thGlass Blown OrnamentTim Blair
November 12thLeather Christmas OrnamentStuart Holmes
November 17thLetterpress: Holiday CoastersMelinda Stockwell
November 24thRug Weaving WorkshopTeri Showman
December 2018
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
December 8thStained Glass OrnamentsJolene Tedrow
December 8thCustom CrochetPat Crawford
December 8thContainer CandlesPam Overstreet
December 8thRug Weaving ClassTeri Showman
January 2019
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
January 19thCustom CrochetPat Crawford
January 19thArtisan Bread Making Made Easy Betty Printy
January 20thArtisan Bread Making Made Easy Betty Printy
January 26thLetterpress ValentinesMelinda Stockwell
January 26thArtisan Bread Making Made Easy Betty Printy
January 26thGlass Blown OrnamentTim Blair
January 27thArtisan Bread Making Made Easy Betty Printy
February 2019
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
February 2ndRug Weaving WorkshopTeri Showman
February 9thStained Glass OrnamentsJolene Tedrow
February 15thPottery: BeginningBetty Printy
February 16thCustom CrochetPat Crawford
March 2019
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
March 9thPottery I: Wheel ThrownBetty Printy
March 9thRug Weaving ClassTeri Showman
March 9thLuck, Love, and LetterpressMelinda Stockwell
April 2019
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
April 27thBlacksmithing: Beginning Bill Printy
Mark Heisdorffer
May 2019
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
May 11thBlacksmithing: Tong MakingBill Printy
Mark Heisdorffer
June 2019
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
June 1stBlacksmithing: Beginning Bill Printy
Mark Heisdorffer
July 2019
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
July 6thBlacksmithing: Tool MakingBill Printy
Mark Heisdorffer
September 2019
DateClass NameInstructor(s)
September 28thBlacksmithing: Beginning Bill Printy
Mark Heisdorffer