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Tim Blair

Tim Blair

Born and raised on a farm in the Villages of Van Buren, I, like many of my friends, went away for education.  I returned to work in my community, always feeling a connection with the land.  (you cannot get the farm out of a farmer)

I had always had an interest in glass blowing, but it was not until taking classes from Jim Topic, a glass artist in Nauvoo, that I was smitten.

I am always amazed that an orange molten gather of glass can be transformed into an ornament, glass, or other piece of art, using only air, gravity, heat and hand tools..  It is like magic!

Using help of friends and family, I began to gather equipment and remodel a space on the farm to utilize as a hot shop.  In the fall of 2015 I was finally able to begin working with glass on the farm.   Since that time I have made many mistakes (what my father called experience)

Being primarily self-taught I continue to utilize clear glass as any “experiences” can be recycled for future use.  I am excited to share I plan to add color the fall of 2017.

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