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Melinda  Stockwell

Melinda Stockwell

Melinda grew up on a Century Farm in SE Iowa and graduated from Coe College with a BA in Arts in 1992. With over 17 years of experience as Art Director and Director of Marketing in the publishing industry, she started building her business, The Calico Press in 2011.  The Calico Press is a full service graphic design and letterpress print shop located in a 30x40 building on her small farm.  In her shop holds 6 platen presses, 3 proof presses, 1 cylinder press, several paper cutters and a leadcasting machine. She offers classes in her shop and at national printer's conferences; classes cover Letterpress, Printmaking, Marbling Paper, Gourd Art, Illustration, Photography, and Daily Mechanics for Women.  If its heavy, old, and rusty- Melinda loves it.  She grew up in her dad’s metal shop making parts and tearing things down. He wasn’t surprised when she bought her first diesel truck or welded Coe’s four foot wide light table back together.  She was raised by the motto – “use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”.   It is this simplistic way of life that has made Melinda a leader in brainstorming and problem solving, two qualities that are slowly fading in this age of instantaneous internet education. She believes to create truly original thought provoking works of art, one much unplug themselves from the massive duplication of the electronics era.  You will find her classes are sensory based and disconnected from the hustle. These teaching techniques help you to be more grounded and more true to yourself.  Melinda teaches Letterpress Printing and Marbling Paper; as well as coordinates the Villages Folk School.

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