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Sculpture Portrait in Three Dimension

Instructor: Chris Bennett

Class Fee:$290.00

Taking another element from the Earth, Chris Bennett uses clay, to capture human head and animal wildlife in his sculptures. He carefully observes the relationships of his subjects to capture their essence. Students will be able to learn the basics of clay sculpture in a dedicated studio in historic Bentonsport from an accomplished artist and instructor.   

Additional cost for live model, Instructor will be in touch concerning this fee as it will vary.

Additional cost for firing of clay sculpture, if desired. 

Course inclusions:

  • Introduction to tools, materials, and equipment
  • Introduction to armature systems 
  • Places to purchase tools and equipment 
  • Study of correct proportions and anatomy of the human head 
  • Creation of a three-dimensional sculpture portrait of a live model
  • Finishing the portrait with photos for reference 
  • Techniques and materials for students with little or no experience 16 hours of instruction in two days 
  • Each student will be provided with his own work station All tools, equipment, materials, and a shared model are provided, with no extra charges 

Course exclusions: The finished product will not be made of a permanent display material. Students may keep their project as is or make a commitment to another class to finish the portrait in a permanent material.