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Class List > Clay & Sculpture > An Introduction to Sculpting Clay

An Introduction to Sculpting Clay

Instructor: Mary Sederburg

Class Fee:$100.00

Mary will be introducing students to clay and how to build it up to form 3-d and relief sculptures. This one-day class will get you started no matter what your clay sculpting plans are. Guidance on planning, stucture, and using tools will be given. Students will be able to learn the BASICS of clay sculpture in a working clay studio in historic Bentonsport from an accomplished instructor.   

Additional cost for firing of clay sculpture, if desired. 

Course inclusions:  

  • Introduction to tools, materials, and equipment Introduction to armature systems 
  • Places to purchase tools and equipment 
  • Creation of a large sculpture relief clay tile
  • Reference objects provided or bring an interesting three-dimensional object to portray
  • Techniques and materials for students with little or no experience.

Course exclusions: The finished product will not be made of a permanent display material. Students may keep their project as is or make a commitment to another class to finish their piece in a permanent material.