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Teaching Appreciation for White Space Via Printmaking

Instructor: Melinda Stockwell

Class Fee:$225.00

Class Description: This two day course will cover the  basics of linoleum carving. Students will work with a 4x6 linoleum block and carve a basic 1 color design. Students will then learn the mechanics of the Vandercook 219 printing press. Students will print their 1 color carvings. We shall critique all prints. Things will advance in skill set as we study the multi-color printing process, learn to set type, and print out a full size poster. This process will allow the students the opportunity to pratice layout, design elements, hand eye coordination, pressure control, and color placement.

Students will exercise the use of white space in their poster and better relay this practice to all works of art. This focus on white space teaches an appreciation of what is already there and how negative spaces can have a greater impact than the positive spaces. This is a wonderful experiment on giving value to what is and appreciating what already exisits. 

Each student completes at least 5 prints of their 1-color carving and at least 5 poster prints on cotton paper. Come join the fun! All materials are provided.

Class Fee: $225 per student
                    $35 Optional Renewal Credit through Great Prairie AEA. Please register here: after you have completed your registration with Villages Folk School and paid $225 for the class.  Students taking for credit will create educational and/or inspirational posters for their classroom/school. We will discuss design elements and how they assist students in the learning process. Contact Michelle Dickey at Great Prairie AEA if you have questions about registering for renewal credit. 319-753-6561X1210.

Note: If you intend to continue carving, you might want to buy a Flexcut palm set and bring with you. These sets range from $50-$175. Feel free to call Mel 641-919-7323 to see which set will work best for you. Otherwise Dick Blick exchangeable sets will be available in class.