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Outdoor Clay Oven Building

Instructor: Tim Blair

Class Fee:$165.00


This is a 2 day class.

Day 1 will start with a discussion of materials, types of ovens, site selection, and appropriate covers for your oven.

The base insulation and floor of the oven will have been completed, and we will discuss that process. We will then place fire bricks on the floor and build the doorway. Sand will be used to make a form for the oven cavity. Clay and sand will be mixed by stomping and will be applied on the outside of the sand form to complete day 1.

Day 2 we will review the process to this point, look for anything that needs to be adjusted. Perlite and clay slip will be applied as an insulating layer, followed by a cobb layer of sand, clay and straw to complete the structure. The end of the day will be used to discuss baking with a clay oven, as well you making and baking your own pizza in a clay oven.

6 student minimum to hold class.

Students must be at least 14 years old. Students age 14-18 years must be accompanied by an adult and notification given to school in advance. Thank you. 

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