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Book Binding: Journals & More

Instructor: Rene Morford

Class Fee:$85.00

Receive one on one instructions for book binding and journal making. There is a Spring and Fall class with each class doing a different bookbinding project. Projects vary from cloth covered books, to leather covered to beer carton journals.

Very Sharp tools and long attention spans are used and needed for this class – so, no one under 16 is allowed to participate. This class is about 3 to 3 ½ hours long. We will be making one beer journal in class. You can make many more after you’ve learned how! 

  • How to measure, crease, fold and tear 40 pages – 10 quires (gatherings) or 4. 
  • How to prepare and punch quire end sheets and quires themselves to prepare them for sewing. 
  • How to perform the expanding stitch that joins your covers and quires together and allows the journal to grow as you fill it. 
  • How to add finishing details such as clasp and tie closures to finish your beautiful personalized journal. 
  • Hints and Tips:

Teachers have beer cartons you can use. If you wish to bring your own favorite six pack bottle carton, you may do so! Teachers will have all other supplies you need!.